DIY Captain America Loot Bags

My son’s 5th birthday is coming and I am so much excited doing my yearly DIY decorations for his birthday party. Not only that I make it personalized but I also save money because I won’t need to order customized loot bags from party suppliers (which may cost higher).

The first DIY party needs that I will share with you is the loot bag. The theme for my son’s 5th birthday is Captain America. My sister and I had a little brainstorming on the design. Then, I bought the raw materials needed.


🎈 plain paper bag
🎈 ruler
🎈 pencil
🎈 blue foil (palara)
🎈 sticker paper
🎈 double adhesive
🎈 scissors

The paper bags I bought originally costs Php 15.00. I bargained 15 pieces for the price of Php 10.00 each. The vendor accepted. Yey!

I bought a cheap matte sticker paper. And then printed our design at my dad’s house. Haha! So, the print is totally FREE! 😊

Alright, so how to put them all together?

1. Measure the blue foil of the desired thickness. This one is measured as two inches in width. Then cut it.


2. Put double adhesive. I preferred using double adhesive rather than glue because it’s not sticky and messy to apply, and you won’t need to wait for it to dry. Attach it in the middle of the paper bag.


3. Cut the outline of the sticker. Our logo/design measures 3.5×3.5 inches.


4. Stick it at the middle of the paper bag. The sticker shows the party type (birthday), name of the celebrant, and “Thank you for coming”.


5. Cut another blue foil with the same width as the one we created earlier and stick it in the middle at the back of the paper bag.


6. Repeat the same procedure for the entire loot bags.


That’s it! Then put all the treats inside the personalized loot bags. Some of the suggeations are toys, candies, chocolates, and art stuffs. You can actually put anything that you think a child would love see upon opening the loot bag.

I have printed small logos, too. I will be using them to seal the loot bags once filled with treats.


Now, I’m finally done with one DIY project for my son’s birthday. It’s time to jot down my menu for tomorrow’s groceries. Good night! 😊


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