Studying in School and at Home: A Redundancy?

With my 30+ years of existence, it’s only now that I’ve come to realize a certain redundancy in studying. We go or send our kids to school to study and learn, and then when we reach home, we have to study again what we have learned in school…and also have some advance lessons for tomorrows. Sometimes, there are assignments or homeworks to do, to be checked and would be taught the following day.


Isn’t it redundancy?  I mean, why can’t we just study these textbooks or theoretical stuffs in school and then learn other things at home (sewing, cooking, carpentry, art works, etc.) or have bonding with the family. I’m sharing my thoughts in behalf of preschoolers and grade-schoolers. It somehow feels that we are getting their childhood from them by confining them to so many hours a day studying both at home and in school.


I am not saying this because I don’t like teaching my kid at home. I DO. We all do. Why? Because we wanted them to excel when they are at school. We don’t want them to be the least among the students. So we review them. But sometimes, you can observe that your kids look tired, restless or uninterested to do reviews (maybe) after school. And all they wanted to do is to relax, sleep or play.


I don’t know. This is my opinion. You have yours. And you can share it with us, too.


I like the schools who have rules that there should be no assignments to be brought at home. I think that is fair enough for the children to relax and rest after a day at school. I also appreciate those schools who don’t require kids to do projects at home (rather in school), because there is 70% (I guess) that those projects will only be done (or with the help) by their parents or brothers and sisters or whoever their guardian or tutor is. I think there are a few schools here in the Philippines who practices that.


But anyway, what can I do but to “follow” the “tradition” sending your kids to study in school and review them for past and future lessons at home (after school). Maybe I’ll just have to find ways to make our review session a fun one yet he could easily understand and retain things in his mind. I am not yet a “pro” on this so I am open to your suggestions and feel free to share your experiences or thoughts on these.


As of this day, what I do is to draw and do some writing activities ahead so that when it’s our “review time” at home, he’ll have some papers to answer. And then we run through any errors encountered and have some advanced lessons.




Disclaimer: I did these worksheets quickly so please do not judge my drawings. I can do better than these. Haha! 🙂


I am “planning” to do some printable activities or worksheets for preschoolers so that I can share them with you, too.




So, for now, all I can say is good luck to you and your kids as well. Share your thoughts and comment below. Have good one!



4 responses to “Studying in School and at Home: A Redundancy?

  1. Ah, well I think it depends on the parents I guess. It’s one of the things I like about homeschooling, once we’re done, we’re done. There are no homework to deal with or projects outside our homeschool hours. But I’ve seen children who thrive at that culture, too, mine won’t for sure, haha.

    DepEd’s call to not give kids homework on weekends is a good start.

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